Uploading Instructions

A resolution of 300 dpi is recommended, but 150 is acceptable. Image should be a .jpg format. Images MUST have unique file names.

Adding images to the library:

  1. Click on the upload button
  2. Click on "Add a new image" to upload an image
  3. Once you see the thumbnail of your image in the library, click on the image to load it in the viewer
  4. Click on the "select image" button at the bottom, to pick an image for your product - be sure you pick one for all
  5. Click on "finish" in the upper right when you are done

Removing an image from your product:

  1. Click on the image BELOW the previewer to select it
  2. Click on the clear button -- this will remove it from your product, it will remain in your library

    *Note: Items will remain in your library until you close the uploader window. Once you close, all images will be removed from your library and only those you have selected will be saved.

Problems using the Uploader?

Be sure you are using the current version of Flash. You can go directly to the Flash website to get the most recent version: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Red X's after you upload:
If you see red x's on the product page AFTER you are done using the uploader, it means all your images were not saved . . . perhaps you didn't click on "select image" to add it to your product. You will need to click upload and upload all of them again.

Two of the same image after you upload:
Chances are you either picked the same image twice at the bottom of the uploader (oops!) OR you have two different images with the same file name and one is over-writing the other one. Make sure each image file name is unique.

If you are still having problems, you can just email us your images to orders@idesignpaper.com with your order number in the subject field.